It's all about a Year of Wellness to transform your life, stay inspired through consistency, accountability and taking action to conquer your goals, one day at a time.


Are you ready to take the journey of a lifetime?

Did I mention we have a June sale presently flowing!

Transform Wellness Through Habit Change In The You vs You Journey

Feeling like you should work on your fitness and nutrition but struggling with time, patience, or know-how?

Do you find excuses piling up, blaming kids' activities or work for your busy schedule?

Stop the INSANITY!

Say YES to YOU!

It's time to gift yourself the enduring treasure of wellness.

Walk into your greatness, one actionable step at a time.

Join now and make the change!

PSSST!!! Get Ready, Get Set, GO!!

I am hosting an online accountability group with simple movement and nutrition to keep us energized as we build on our businesses, careers and overall life!

We Start June!


Why Join?

✅Strengthen Muscles

✅Meal Plans /Prepping Ideas

✅Accountability, Support and Access to Wellness Community

✅Supplements That Complement You Activity

✅ Boost Fitness, Confidence & Energy

What's Included?

📹 various OnDemand guided workouts

🥦 Weekly Meal Ideas

📆 4 wk Gut Health Protocol, Remove, Release, Rest

👥 Online Community that includes various wellness experts and all of us amazing women

What Sets Me Apart?

It's a Lifestyle, not a Diet: Sustainable health & wellness. It's all about SIMPLE habit changes to create lasting results. A Year Of Wellness Celebrating our unique body’s journey, together!

Transform Wellness Through Habit Change In The You vs You Journey

Feeling like you should work on your fitness and nutrition but struggling with time, patience, or know-how?

Do you find excuses piling up, blaming kids' activities or work for your busy schedule?

Stop the INSANITY!

Say YES to YOU!

It's time to gift yourself the enduring treasure of wellness.

Walk into your greatness, one actionable step at a time.

Join now and make the change!

Why YOU need a

Wellness Designer

What if I were tell you, it was that simple?


It IS that simple!

Wellness is more than just weight; it's about transforming your entire lifestyle. Balancing your mind, body, soul, and business is the key to building lasting habits and shedding the ones that hold you back. It all begins with self-awareness and a longing for something greater in life. Consider this your awakening and the call to action you've been waiting for. It's time to 'Just Do It!!


You know it's time to prioritize your wellness, but life's distractions keep getting in the way.


Do you get bored with the same movement for the entire challenge? Craving variety in your workouts throughout the entire challenge?


Got the motivation, but drowning in excuses like lack of time or resources to stay on track? It's time to build on the discipline by cancelling the excuses


Stuck on where to begin and wasting hundreds each year on underused memberships?

What is A Wellness Journey All About?

Wellness is all about challenging your inner self through doing the work in all areas of your life. From mindset, accountability to gut health and nutrition, it is all about the entire holistic living. If you have specific preferences, I am more than happy to tailor the challenge to meet your individual needs.

Your journey to self-improvement starts with a personalized approach. Let's talk about your ideal option and customize the challenge for you.

"We Got This" ADD ONS Available

Mini Group Challenges

Get ready for a weekly dose of excitement! We're spicing up your daily exercise routine with fun and diverse mini challenges, gradually pushing your limits. Let's make fitness an adventure!

Weekly Meal Plans Ideas

Every day, the 'what to eat' puzzle can be a major stressor. But fret not! We've got you covered with weekly meal tips, GUT Health programs and expert guidance on food groups for top-notch nutrition results. As well as grocery lists ideas

Tailored Workouts On DEMAND

1- yr Subscription to BODi

1 month Supply Of Shakeology

1 month supply of Energize

Tools and recipes to support your healthy eating plans

Pick from your favourite programs

Drink Vitamin/Water

Revitalize your body with 76 essential vitamins, 12 amino acids for stronger hair, 56 superfood extracts for immune support, and collagen peptides for hair and skin health. Our convenient sachets make it easy to supercharge your daily routine....and it's as simple as stirring it into your water.

Mindset Shift and Support

Wellness isn't just about the outside; it starts within. Shift your mindset from lacking to desiring, and you'll find discipline and persistence. Let's leave behind old habits and create lasting well-being. Join our VOICE program and/or our Growth Day Mindset Shifting, each week to nurture self-awareness and journey together. We will choose the date/time as a group.

Weekly Zoom Group and Accountability Groups

While accountability and support might seem like a breeze on your wellness journey, they're often the trickiest components to nail down. Studies reveal an incredible 95% success rate when accountability is in play. It's that guiding hand on tough days and your biggest cheerleader when you hit milestones! Join our accountability group where you will find recipes, have any of your questions answered and more!


Life's full of distractions, but fear not! With 'We Got This,' you'll stay on track and enjoy unwavering support. Our weekly group Zoom calls, lively Facebook community, and my personal guidance will be with you every step of the way on this incredible journey.


Are you familiar with that 'HANGURY' feeling? Ready to master the art of eating well without compromising on flavor? Once you grasp how food impacts your body and your well-being, you'll naturally make smarter, more delicious food choices.


Keep that body in motion – it's the key to physical wellness! Say goodbye to long, excessive workouts. Whether you're walking, running, doing strength training, or dancing, just commit to having a blast moving your body for 30 minutes each day. No fancy equipment or costly gym memberships needed, just have fun!

It's that simple! Drink water, move your body, get that gut right all while being guided, supported and held accountable by myself and my amazing wellness community.

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YourPerfect Plan

Create you own individualized plan that works with your goals and lifestyle

**Starting as low as $20 dollars per month

Signature Wellness Plan

Let's Talk About It

Weekly Movement Challenges

Limitless workout videos on demand

Mean Plan Programs

Get Your Gut Healthier System

Wellness Wednesday LIVE Workout

Beautonic Superfood Advanced Multi-Vitamin Complex

Feature Meal Of The Week Recipe

Sugar Shutdown E-book

Weekly Group Zoom Connect

Facebook Private Accountability Group

Fun Weekly Mindshifting Activities

24/7 Accountability Support via slack or whats app

Meet Camille Jones

Camille is the founder of We Got This Mind and Body and the Because I have a V.O.I.C.E program. She is a certified PT, holistic weight management nutritionist, and transformation specialist. Camille encourages busy women in business to learn to prioritize their self care through key areas of wellness, without excessive workouts and nourishing body diversity, mind, body, soul and business. She offers customized online programs that build confidence, energy, consistency, and lifelong habits. Camille also provides stylish, comfortable active wear and complementing individually tailored wellness products.

You’ll get weekly health tips, blog updates and my best wellness advice, upcoming promo, programs and offers, because when you stay inspired and do the work together, anything is possible.



"The confidence and comfort in my skin-my courage in learning into new experiences..everything that I feel within reflects outward clearly and I feel that my navigation of the ebs and flows. My back is in the best place it has felt with health, the least amount of spasm. And the weight loss is aligned with the steady, beautiful habits I’m building,

and I'm at 193-I put down 235 at the beginning!

My posture my core strength is healing for my body-and it’s the maintenance and growing and evolving in my journey that last M-the “building blocks that lead to a lifetime of well being as a whole person"


" I didn't know where to begin when I thought about wellness so for years, I did nothing until I met Camille. She taught me how to build on my wellness in gradual steps. I really enjoy here mobile workout app because I can do my workouts anywhere. I especially like how she tailors my workouts to help me get stronger and confident in my work. I never realized until working with Camille about the importance of understanding and adjusting my mindset was in order to build up consistency. I am so happy I decided to work with Camille because I don't have to do this alone and having her as an accountability coach has been an asset in my life"


"Camille is a fitness dynamo with a wealth of expertise catering to individuals of all fitness levels. She goes beyond merely offering workout routines; she serves as a dedicated accountability coach, ensuring everyone stays on the path to their fitness goals. Her workouts are not only effective but also infused with an element of enjoyment, never leaving room for monotony."



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